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We Are Scientists

Updated: Nov 7, 2018

After playing with We Are Scientists back in 2017 in Chester, we were lucky enough to be invited back to support them in Huddersfield Aug 2018. It's safe to say we jumped at the chance to share the stage with them again. We managed to crash (but not trash) their dressing room and take the opportunity to hang with them, talking about bands, and records, and people we all knew. They took a liking to us and us to them, and so they invited us to join them on their recent UK Megaplex tour. Due to us juggling normal person jobs, we could only commit to a couple of the dates, but the dates we did do (Cardiff, Clitheroe, York) will stay with us for ever. <3

Cardiff was rammed, it was our first time playing in The Globe. Chris took the time to thank us and tell the audience we'd just come out of the studio recording an album. After all the laughs on the merch desk talking to gig goers (the Welsh certainly know how to party) we dropped it in light conversation that we fancied a Wagamamas, and they shared our enthusiasm. After load out we ate chips from the pizza place next door. That night, after driving to Pontypool to stay with family, Balla and I updated their google drive tour schedule and added in a time slot for us to all get Wagamamas together, we thought we were hilarious.

The day after we all drove up north to Clitheroe to play in The Grand. We were treated like royalty by the staff there (we found it a little uncomfortable) and we personally had a great gig. Our banter was killer, dropping jokes likes nobodies business, again we thought we were hilarious. I'm pretty sure at one point I said "open the pit". During WAS set, Keith said we were one of his favourite bands (he actually did) and my heart got so full I nearly cried.

The following day we had to say goodbyes and take another long journey to Oxford to play a show that was already in the diary before the WAS dates came along. We missed their presence all day, even though the show was super special for me personally being from Oxfordshire. But things were made even better after receiving a message that they would indeed like to grab a Wagamamas with us in York before load in, I mean it was in their schedule after all.

The drive from Oxford to York didn't feel as long as it should have, probably due to excitement and a lust for this elusive Waga's. We took a wrong turn and drove right into the heart of York city centre, it was bad. During lunch we spoke about our day apart and the shows we'd played, Pokemon, chopsticks, and the future. Keiths tofu salad came with no tofu. After food we all went to Fibbers for sound checks, whistling Ariana Grande's song "No Tears Left To Cry". We watched their full soundcheck and then went on to do ours and test out a couple new songs that we were debating whether to play or not that night. We chose "What's The Use?". During our set, both Keiths hid behind an amp side of stage and watched our whole show with constant smiles on their faces. Seeing people I look up to enjoying what our band is doing made me feel warm and empowered. Our banter was hilariously-awkwardly-brilliant and we played the new song with no mishaps. I couldn't look at them while I was thanking them for having us on the tour, it's safe to say bashfulness got the better of me.

We finished the set, sold some merch with Chris, and all had a shot of tequila backstage before they went on. As a gift, we each gave them a Peaness pin-badge and they put them on their jackets there and then. We sat in the same side-of-stage-spot for their show (it was much louder now that big amp was in use) singing along to new and classic hits, nodding at each other when certain bits of sparkle happened. I took a couple instax photos that i'll cherish forever. After it was all over, they helped us load out our equipment and we all did merch swaps to which we definitely got the better deal. We all hugged and said our goodbyes and it really did feel like the end of an era even though it had only been a short run on shows.

The following day we went back to work our 9-5 jobs and it sucked.

Thank you WAS, (Keith, Chris, Keith and Ian), we hope to see you all again soon.

- Jess

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